University of Latvia, Faculty of History and Philosophy, Baltisch-Deutsches Hoschschulkontor, Center for Cognitive Sciences and Semantics, invite to
an Intensive Course

Self-Actualization and its Consequences for our World View

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kriz
Universität Osnabrück

The classical world view of the nineteenth century is still very important. Through the progress of technology and its influence on education, this view governs our current everyday understanding of “the world”—and thus also the understanding of phenomena like “life”, “illness”, “change”, “development” etc. In addition, this view determines our relationship to the objects and living beings of the world to a great extent—and furthermore, our relationship to other human beings and, finally, to oneself. As a consequence, our language is full of classical mechanistic metaphors even with regard to the processes of life. And these metaphors have a determining influence on the world view and understanding of patients, therapists, and professional helpers, too.

Although most people believe in the essential difference between an engine and a human being, they still use the cognitive tools from mechanistic science.

The intent of this Seminar is to provide the reader with thoughts, ideas, metaphors and knowledge which are more adequate to understand the processes of life and our soul.

7. 12. 2006

Room 1, Brīvības boulev. 32