Programme (PDF) (version May 16 with changes)


Practical information


9th International Symposium of Cognition, Logic and Communication


16-18 May 2013,
University of Latvia,
Riga, Latvia



The 9th Symposium for Cognition, Logic and Communication, to be held at the University of Latvia in Riga on May 16-18, 2013, will focus on the relation between perception and concepts. We will be particularly interested in the following questions. To focus first on concepts, could it be that, when we entertain a concept in thought, we are in fact entertaining and manipulating perceptual representations? Are concepts entirely different from perceptual representations? Does acquiring a concept consist in abstracting a representation from one’s percepts? If not, what is the relation between percepts and concepts? To turn now to perception, can our perceptual experiences be influenced, or penetrated, by one’s concepts and beliefs? If so, what is the exact nature of the influence of higher cognition on perception? Does the content of perceptual experiences depend on which concepts one has? Can one even perceive without concepts?

The symposium is co-hosted by the Center for Cognitive Sciences and Semantics of the University of Latvia and the Department of Philosophy at McMaster University.

Call for Submitted papers:

A limited number of papers will be selected for presentation at the symposium and considered for inclusion in the proceedings in the Baltic International Yearbook of Cognition, Logic and Communication.

Time allowed for presentations is 40 minutes including discussion. Submitted papers should have a maximum of 3,000 words and should be accompanied by a 200 words abstract.

All submitted papers should be PREPARED FOR BLIND REVIEW, and should be submitted electronically with 'Paper Riga 2013' as a subject to:

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION IS 15 JANUARY 2013. Authors will be notified in LATE JANUARY 2013.

Symposium proposal:

In addition to individual papers, the scientific committee will be considering proposals for symposia. Time allowed for symposia is 2 hours (including discussion). Symposia should include a minimum of three and a maximum of four contributions. Submissions should be clearly identified with the heading “Symposium proposal” and include:

1) The title of the symposium
2) A brief description of the topic and its relevance to the conference (200 words)
3) The name, affiliation and academic status (student, lecturer, assistant professor, etc.) of each participant
4) The title of each contribution as well as an extended 500-1000 word abstract.
5) The name, affiliation and academic status of the person who will be chairing the symposium

Symposium proposals should be submitted electronically with 'Symposium Riga 2013' as a title to:

EXTENDED DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION IS 30 JANUARY 2013. Authors will be notified in FEBRUARY 2013

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